Transmission Parts CV Axle Shaft Propeller Shaft Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420



Key Features & Specifications

The Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420 is a top-notch transmission part designed to fit Toyota Yaris models from 2005-2016 and 2017-2019. Made from high-grade steel and S55C material, the product comes in an OEM standard size. The drive shaft is meticulously designed for the front left position of your vehicle and sports a sleek metal color with a black coating or black paint surface treatment.

The product boasts ISO 90001/TS16949 certification, reflecting its adherence to stringent quality standards. The drive shaft is backed by a 24-month warranty, ensuring your investment is risk-free. The product is customizable and employs a 'first in first out' warehouse management system. It's packaged in a plastic bag, box, carton, or pallet depending on your preference and shipped from either Ningbo, Shanghai, or other ports.

Drive Shaft Quality and Performance

The Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420 is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring high reliability and superior performance. The drive shaft plays a crucial role in your vehicle by providing smooth power transmission, enhancing vehicle handling, and reducing vibrations. It's built to last with strict heat treatment for every batch, and detailed inspection reports are available for traceability.


Flexible and Versatile Applications

Our drive shaft is not only applicable to Toyota Yaris but also offers flexibility and versatility for various vehicle types and application scenarios. Whether your vehicle is meant for city driving, off-road adventures, or heavy-duty work, our drive shaft promises to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

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We are a professional manufacturer specializing in CV joints, drive shafts, and components since 2002. With more than 500 items of driveshaft and a whole range of accessories, we export mainly to Europe, North America, South America, and South Korea.

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Q1: What is the warranty on the Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420? A: The drive shaft comes with a 24-month warranty.
Q2: Can the Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420 be customized? A: Yes, we accept customization for this product.
Q3: What is the material used in the Drive Shaft for Toyota Yaris 43420-0D420? A: The drive shaft is made from high-quality steel and S55C material.