Top Quality Quality Drive Shaft Auto Parts Automobile Drive Axle Shaft for VW 1K0407272RK



Embrace the power of top-quality drive shaft auto parts specifically designed for VW 1K0407272RK model. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our drive shafts offer exceptional performance and longevity, ensuring a smooth, reliable drive every time.

Product Features

Our drive shafts are renowned for their high-quality manufacturing, reliability, and superior performance. They enhance vehicle control, reduce vibrations, and provide smooth transmission, making them an indispensable part of your vehicle. With their versatility and universal applicability, they are suitable for various vehicle types and application scenarios.

Manufacturing Excellence

Each drive shaft is meticulously crafted from steel and undergoes strict heat treatment to ensure durability and performance. They are produced to an OEM standard size, ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. Every product goes through a rigorous 100% inspection before shipment, guaranteeing faultless quality.

Application and Maintenance


Our drive shafts are designed for the auto chassis system, particularly for the VW model. Regular maintenance and inspection of the drive shaft can extend the longevity of your vehicle while ensuring optimal performance. Always ensure to replace worn out parts with our high-quality drive shafts.

Successful Case Studies

Our drive shafts have been used successfully in various applications, demonstrating their outstanding performance and reliability. For instance, a major automotive company recently replaced their fleet's drive shafts with our products, resulting in a significant reduction in vehicle vibration and improvement in transmission smoothness.


Our drive shafts come with a 24-month warranty and are ISO9001/TS16949 certified. They are available in black and can be customized according to your requirements. Please refer to the table below for detailed specifications.

Type Drive Shaft Car Model For VW
Material S55C OE No. 1K0407272RK
Certificate TS16949/ISO9001 Warranty 2 years
MOQ 200 pcs Customized Service Accept

Our Company

With a focus on CV joint and components since 2002, we have become a leading manufacturer in the industry. Our products, including driveshaft assembly, joint, bearing, and more, are premium in quality, competitively priced, and backed by excellent service. We invite you to explore our wide range of offerings.

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Q1: Can I customize the drive shaft?

Yes, we offer customized service to meet your specific requirements.

Q2: What is the warranty period for the drive shaft?

Our drive shafts come with a 24-month warranty.

Q3: How do I know if the drive shaft is suitable for my car?

Our drive shafts are designed for the auto chassis system, particularly for the VW model. However, they are universally applicable for various vehicle types.