Accessories Auto Spare Parts Front Rear Axle Drive Shafts for Hyundai 49501-1R610 Model: ACCENT IV Saloon (RB)



Product Introduction


Welcome to the world of premium quality, durable and high-performance drive shafts. Our drive shafts are specifically designed for Hyundai cars, offering superior driving experience and enhanced car control. The importance of a drive shaft cannot be overstated; it provides smooth transmission, reduces vibrations and improves vehicle maneuverability. Whether you are cruising on a highway or navigating through rough terrains, our drive shaft is your reliable partner.

Features of Our Drive Shaft

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Our drive shafts are made from robust S55C steel, ensuring durability and longevity. They are manufactured to OEM standard sizes, making them a perfect fit for your Hyundai car.
  • Reliable Performance: With our drive shafts, you can expect smoother rides thanks to reduced vibrations and enhanced vehicle control. Experience the difference with our premium quality drive shafts.
  • Versatility: Our drive shafts are versatile and can fit various vehicle types and application scenarios. Whether you have a sedan, an SUV, or a truck, we have the right drive shaft for you.

Success Stories

Over the years, we have served numerous satisfied customers who vouch for the quality and performance of our drive shafts. One such customer, a car rental company, reported a significant improvement in the performance of their fleet of Hyundai cars after installing our drive shafts. They experienced smoother rides, better vehicle control, and reduced maintenance costs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased business.

About Our Company

We pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of drive shafts. Our products are renowned for their superior quality, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. In addition to drive shafts, we also offer a wide range of other products like Driveshaft Assembly, Joint, Bearing, and more.

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Experience the unparalleled quality and performance of our Hyundai drive shafts. Explore our product range, make your purchase, and join our growing list of satisfied customers. Enhance your driving experience today!


Q1. What is the warranty on your drive shafts? Our drive shafts come with a 24-month warranty.
Q2. Can I get a customized drive shaft for my specific car model? Absolutely, we offer customized service to meet your specific needs.
Q3. How do you ensure the quality of your drive shafts? All our drive shafts undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure 100% quality.